The next thing is that when the target is discovered, private detectives need to have a plan to investigate and collect the next information, hoping it will be beneficial information for Ms. Ly at the time of procedure. divorce. Investigating, how to join, the detectives in Ba Ria Vung Tau of detective company Hoang Kim Tan Phat need to come up with a specific plan. Detectives in Ba Ria Vung Tau to investigate the affair. According to what Mrs. Ly provides, Mr. Ngoc has 2 starting places, either at home or at work and go straight to the place to meet her lover, but maybe her lover can be a colleague working in the same company as him. And the last time Mrs. Ly watched her husband depart from home towards Ba Ria, after her husband arrived in Ba Ria town, Ly was cut off. With the above information, along with the tight budget that customers can meet, the private detectives of detective company Hoang Kim Tan Phat choose the operational plan at the company that Mr. Ngoc is working with. Being a mechanical company, Mr. Ngoc's job in the company is in charge of welding of this ship auto repair business. This is a large enterprise. According to documents recorded, when he entered Saigon to set up his business, Mr. Le Van Luong broke many large and small cases. Among them, there are many big cases related to drugs, corruption, murder ... The cases that he participated in discovering, not only civil, common criminals. But the cases also involve large old Saigon officials. Thanks to fame and good crime, he made a lot of money from private detective work. That is the financial condition for detective Le Van Luong to buy a beautiful piece of land at 109A Pasteur Street in Saigon. There, Mr. Luong built a splendid villa for the detective office. This place is the first detective office in Vietnam.

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