SD-WAN Use Cases

SD-WANs are gradually gaining widespread use within organizations. Customers deployed their networks within minutes whereas normally it would’ve taken a prolonged period of time to set up network infrastructure. They have also reported an easier and simpler user experience compared to when using applications within traditional WANs.

Here are some cases in which businesses can use SD-WANs to their advantage:

Security: Due to the size and scope of the networks operated, and because partners are heavily interconnected with one another, some information that is highly sensitive is best left segmented from other data pools. SD-WANs address this by provisioning sites utilizing a LAN + WAN zoning concept to keep sites secure. Policies are global and instantaneous, which is enforced via network segmentation rules and hybrid networking capability. The simplicity of IT management: IT network systems are highly complex to manage. Introducing the software-defined approach would lessen the burden staffs would go through with the use of applications that handle traffic management and monitoring functions normally done with traditional switches and routers. Cloud-first connectivity strategy: For cost and efficiency reasons, customers are encouraged to utilize SaaS applications that are hosted within the cloud.

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