About TNTmips

  • Single product integrating the analysis of topological vector, raster, CAD, TIN, and database geodata.
  • View and analyze mixed geodata types in 2D or 3D superposition with on-the-fly reconciliation of scale, datum, projection, precision, cell size, …
  • Open any number of geographically locked 2D and 3D views.
  • Directly select and use or import popular raster, vector, CAD, TIN, and database geodata formats.
  • Interactively georeference, warp, mosaic, and merge geodata.
  • Feature attribution internally or via ODBC in extermal RDBMS (Oracle, Access, SQL Server,…)
  • Advanced GIS and image analysis tools.
  • Wide variety of feature selection and query tools.
  • Pinmap from popular RDBMS via ODBC.
Naturwissenschaft, Geoinformatik

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