• Veröffentlicht am: 21.06.2001
  • Build-Number: 4Q12
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    • iMac Sommer 2001: 4P13, 4P15

Was wurde aktualisiert (Diese Liste stammt von hier und soll auf dieser Seite für die Zukunft gesichert werden.)


  • The wrong audio driver was being loaded on some PowerBooks (r. 2662883).
  • Audio circuits were not being closed on some PowerBooks when going into sleep mode, resulting in an extremely unpleasant screeching noise, something like a "mutant tea kettle coming to a boil" (r. 2683816).
  • The sound control panel settings for headphones were not being honored on some Beige G3 models. Now they are (r. 2685033).
  • A problem where Sound Preferences adjustments to volume or balance settings were causing sound distortion has been corrected (r. 2696488).


  • A problem preventing "Dead" keys (like option-i-i ) from showing up in KeyEvents sent to Java applications has been corrected (r. 2658544).

Carbon Core

  • The SCSIBusInquiry routine was not returing correct results. It has been corrected so now it works as expected (r. 2663764).
  • The routine SCSIBusInquiry would crash inside of calls to SCSIAction when no SCSI bus present. This has been corrected and SCSIBusInquiry now returns an error code as it should (r. 2688494).
  • The NewSCSICallbackUPP routine was not returning a correct value. In this case, the callback glue was incorrect in the SCSCICallBackUPP. This has been corrected in software update 10.0.4 (r. 2688501).
  • SCSIBusInquiry calls on machines with multiple SCSI busses installed would show devices attached to one bus as registered on every bus. This has been corrected (r. 2693298).
  • Completion routines provided in calls to SCSIAction were not being called for commands issued to non-existant devices (r. 2693361).
  • The application stack size field in the 'cfrg' resource of Carbon CFM applications was being ignored and the stack size was always being set to a default size of 512K. LaunchCFMApp now uses this field to and sets the stack size appropriately. The maximum stack space that can be allocated using the 'cfrg' mechanism is now 64M (r. 2694324).


  • Under some circumstances, it was possible for the key down state information maintained inside of the Classic environment to get out of sync with the keyboard. This has been corrected and should no longer occur (rr. 2667096, 2658460, 2658881).
  • Under some circumstances, it was possible for the mouse cursor to disappear in the classic environment. This would only happen when the Classic environment was switched into the background and some software running in classic attempted to hide the cursor. In this case, no actual calls to hide the cursor were being made, however classic's internal cursor state was getting out of sync with the actual state of the cursor. This has been corrected so that now, in the majority of these casses, Classic's internal cursor state is synchronized with the calls being made to set the state of the cursor (r. 2696069).
  • A problem where TCP connections over PPP would fail in Classic networking applications if TCP Header Compression was turned on was corrected (r. 2696070).

Core OS Networking

  • Core OS Networking provides all networking services in Mac OS X. Other networking services, such as Carbon's Open Transport APIs, are built on top of Core OS Networking.
  • PPP now pays attention to the "Send PPP echo packets" option in the Network panel of System Preferences (r. 2681672).
  • A problem where ICMP messages exceeding the MTU size would not be received by classic applications has been corrected (r. 2522913).

Disc Recording

  • Fixed problems with various internal and external CD-RW drives. These fixes were related to recognition of the specific drives, reliable CD burning, TOCs with odd numbers of bytes, and kernel panic problems (rr. 2683314, 2684879, 2688442, 2693251, 2693255, 2693268, 2693278, 2693264, 2701242).


  • Under rare conditions, a reboot could result in a kernel panic when multiple FireWire devices were present. (r. 2648149).
  • Headphones no longer receiving audio on a wake from sleep mode (r. 2689355)


  • A problem where the Installer would not restart computer after an install when the restart button was both present in the final acknowledgment window and it was pressed by the user has been corrected (r. 2530722).
  • Fixed a bug where installing software could improperly change the permissions of existing system owned directories (r. 2646401).


  • New definitions were for some structures used in IOKitUser have been provided in IOUSBLib.h (r. 2695039).


  • Fixed a problem in the kernel that could cause select on sockets to return a timeout even though data had arrived (r. 2680180).
  • Fixed the HFS implementation so that calls to PBSetCatInfo now correctly set the modification date. This was causing numerous problems for Carbon developers; for example, just opening a header file like "MacTypes.h" could cause your entire source tree to rebuild. (r. 2651481).

Mass Storage

  • Fixed problems with various internal and external CD-RW drives. These fixes were related to recognition of the specific drives, reliable CD burning, TOCs with odd numbers of bytes, and kernel panic problems (rr. 2685583, 2685789, 2688442, 2693251, 2694511).


  • A problem where sync-idle events were not being sent to Notification procs in OTRcv calls while high volumes of data were being received has been corrected (r. 2696806).


  • A problem where DrawPicture would crash when attempting to render a Picture containing a DirectPix opcode with packtype = 2 has been corrected (r. 2663619).


  • Fixed a problem where aborting a USB pipe could panic the kernel (r. 2666319, 2686886).
  • Fixed a timing problem where a third-party USB device wasn't being recognized (r. 2684535).
  • A problem where certain USB switchboxes would cause the USB bus to go deaf has been fixed in most cases where it could occur (r. 2645235).
  • Fixed a problem where a power alert would come up when a self-powered USB 2.0 hub was connected to the keyboard port (r. 2681047).
  • Relaxed the matching rules to allow additional matching criteria beyond those defined in the USB Common Class Specification if the matching personality includes idVendor or either bDeviceClass or bInterfaceClass. Added more debug logging when a driver does not match. (r. 2587298).
  • Improved the HID Managers ability to report certain HID related properties (r. 2682971).
  • Took IOUSBHub out of the IOUSBFamily and moved it into its own separate driver (r. 2645719).
  • IOUSBCommand changed from a struct to a subclass of IOCommand (r. 2685494).
  • Changed all OSReadLittleInt16 to USBToHostWord or HostToUSBWord in IOUSBFamily (r. 2570272).
  • USB now uses 'AAPL,bus-id' property to assign the "busNumber" property (r. 2617571).
  • Added USBDeviceOpenSeize API (r. 2332903).
  • Added ability to suspend/resume USB bus (r. 2392345).
  • A problem where the USB mouse could become unresponsive has been corrected in most cases where it could occur (r. 2437231).
  • Added mechanism for developers to specify timeout interval for IOUSBPipe (r. 2469597).
  • Added USBDeviceAbortPipeZero(device) call to allow abort of pipe zero without having to instantiate an IOUSBInterfaceInterface (r. 2625996).
  • Fixed problem where user mode GetNumEndpoints doesn't return new endpoint/pipe information after calling SetAlternateInterface (r. 2648578).
  • A problem where multiple hot plug/unplugs of USB port caused port to stop working until the computer was restarted was fixed in most of the cases where it could occur (r. 2633741).
  • Added API to retrieve vendor, product, and release strings for USB devices without requiring a connection (r. 2664895).
  • Problems with various keyboards and mice which became unresponsive if left idle for some time or when coming out of sleep have been corrected in the majority of cases where they could occur (rr. 2679696, 2599713, 2629953, 2624423, 2486041, 2437545, 2635140, 2615364, 2507831).
  • Added support for USB device reset (r. 2689555).
  • Improved the fidelity of USB error codes (r. 2690450).
  • Added some new constants in "USBSpec.h" (kUSBVendorID, kUSBProductID) and deprecated the old constants to help alleviate confusion (r. 2690938).
  • Switched the second and third parameters of the declaration of IOUSBDeviceUserClient::DeviceReqInOOL (in "IOUSBDeviceUserClient.h") to reflect the actual implementation (r. 2692161).
  • When a USB user client calls DeviceRequest the wLenDone field of IOUSBDevRequest is now updated to reflect the number of bytes actually transferred (r. 2692162).
  • The USB user client call DeviceRequestAsync now properly handles the device returning a STALL (r. 2696038).
  • The USB user client call SetAlternateInterface now works properly and no longer causes other USB user client calls to return incorrect results (r. 2699041).
  • USB transactions on bulk pipes now obey the requested timeout (r. 2701019).
  • Disconnecting USB speakers from a keyboard hub no longer panics the system (r. 2701829).
  • Zero length packets now make it out to the USB bus (r. 2701957).

Video Drivers

  • A problem where screen drawing problems would occur on some models with some third party video cards operating in scaled mode has been corrected (r. 2690249).

Window Server

  • Under some circumstances, the window server could crash while attempting to utilize a display that had been put to sleep. This has been corrected and the Window Server now correctly avoids accessing displays that are sleeping (r. 2689901).
  • A problem where the window server would crash when attempting to access some per connection storage, allocated during display tracking and casting operations, after a connection's client application had terminated has been corrected (r. 2692010). This is a facility used for tracking display changes in 'remote control your mac' type applications over the internet.
  • Window server preformance has been improved for the case where items are being drawn in a transparent or translucent window over top of OpenGL content or other windows (r. 2693772).

Aktualisierungen zu diesem Build

Am 24.07.2001 wurde eine Aktualisierung mit dem Namen Web Sharing Update 1.0 veröffentlicht, das folgende Verbesserungen brachte:

  • Web sharing is now built on top of Apache 1.3.19 (r. 2664451).
  • The Apache shipped with the Web Sharing update includes Apple's mod_hfs_apple extensions for better compatibility with the case insensitive file naming conventions used with the HFS+ file system (r. 2488884).
  • The Apache shipped with the Web Sharing update is now capable of using ssh protocol 2 (r. 2680762, 2714663).



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