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Was wurde aktualisiert (Diese Liste stammt von hier und soll auf dieser Seite für die Zukunft gesichert werden.)


  • Software update 10.0.1 installed a copy of the mach kernel in the root directory without the invisible bit set rendering it visible in Mac OS 9. Software update 10.0.2 correctly installs in invisible version of this file (r. 2681213).

Apple events

  • A crashing bug in the system's string-to-boolean coercion handler has been corrected (r. 2647241).

Apple File Server

  • A problem where AFP Server was not handling the SIGABRT message appropriately has been corrected (r. 2672862).


  • A problem where sound could stop playing on some hardware durin interaction with some DMA disk drivers has been corrected (r. 2668216).
  • USB Audio has been upgraded to support additional USB microphones (r. 2610501).
  • New gain controls have been provided to resolve sound distortion problems on some USB microphones (r. 2662841).
  • Fixed a problem on some G3 models where sound was not being redirected to the internal speaker after headphones were unplugged (r. 2643864).
  • The Composite Video out port on dual USB iBooks is now functional (r. 2648943).


  • Bevel buttons containing pictures were not being presented on the screen correctly. The images were being drawn to an offscreen buffer before being copied to the screen in a way that sometimes produced unexpected results. This has been corrected (r. 2621061).
  • A problem where the Unicode text edit control was not calling the key filter routine for option-key characters or the tab character has been corrected (r. 2657357, 2672865).
  • A crashing that could occur after deleting a number of data ids from a Data Browser control has been corrected (r. 2658469).

Carbon Core

  • The routines CSCopyUserName and CSCopyMachineName were not incrementing the retain count for the CFString as implied by their names. As a result, subsequent calls to CFRelease to release the returned string would decrement the return count to zero and the string would be disposed of. This has been corrected and these routines now increment the retain count as implied by their names (r. 2665708).
  • Calls to InstallExceptionHandler only affecting cooperative threads that had already been created, however had no effect for any threads created after it was called (as it should have). InstallExceptionHandler has been modified so that it now applies to currently executing cooperative threads and all threads created after it has been called (r. 2677122).
  • As of System update 10.0.2, the value returned by Gestalt for the gestaltSystemVersion selector includes the system update number. For system software 10.0.0 and system update 10.0.1, the system update number was not included in the value returned by gestaltSystemVersion and the 10.0.0 value was returned (r. 2667654)
  • A problem where information returned by GetVolInfo calls made for Audio CDs did not indicate that the disks were locked in the ioVAtrb has been corrected - the ioVAtrb field is no longer set to zero when GetVolInfo is called to retrieve information about Audio CDs (r. 2653440).


  • ColorSync provides system-level color management that enables publishing software to achieve repeatable, reliable, and consistent color on-screen, in print, and for electronic delivery.
  • Problems with ColorSync matching that could produce unexpected results with some third party raster printers have been corrected (r. 2658478).

Disc Recording

  • iTunes for Mac OS X now supports CD Burning (r. 2650906).


  • The DrawSprocket Switch/Queue mechanism was not working correctly. It has been fixed (r. 2673855).
  • The call DSpFindBestContextOnDisplayID was not returning the optimal Recommended Hz for the display. This has been corrected (r. 2664399).
  • The DSpContext_GetFrontBuffer was always returning a reference to the main screen, even if the front draw sprocket context was set to a second monitor (r. 2665075).
  • The routine DSpContext_SetCLUTEntries would clear the screen to a random color when called to set up an 8 bit color look up table. DSpContext_SetCLUTEntries has been corrected so that it no longer clears the screen (r. 2663971).
  • Calls to DSpContext_FadeGamma could leave the screen black even if DSpContext_FadeGamma was called to fade the screen back to normal. DSpContext_FadeGamma now works as expected (r. 2656253).


  • A problem where on some machines the ethernet hardware was not being powered down during sleep (and thereby causing unwarranted battery drain) has been corrected (r. 2674181).


  • Problems where the Finder would not update a view of a folder after its contents were changed was corrected (rr. 2666075, 2666045). Normally, the Finder will update a window when the folder's modification date changes. This wasn't happening in all cases, but now it happens every time.
  • A problem where the Finder would crash when attempting to open a Internet Location File in a window displayed in column view has been fixed (r. 2666098)


  • IOFireWireFamily.kext and related services provide Apple's support for the IEEE 1394 High Performance Serial Bus standard.
  • A problem where FireWire (FWIM and Drivers) would fail to load on some hardware configurations has been corrected (r. 2666213)

Graphics and Printing

  • The following describe changes in the drawing and rendering facilities provided in Mac OS X.
  • A problem where calling PMSessionMakeOldPrintRecord with a requested resolution would create an invalid PrintRecord has been corrected (r. 2656456).


  • sysctl calls attempting to list all of the kernel processes could sometimes cause a Kernel panic. This no longer occurs (r. 2677729)
  • NFS exporting an HFS file system was losing some files. This was due to HFS not taking the "." and ".." entries in the remote directory structures into account when calculating their size and contents. This was fixed by having the vnode operations adjust their offset positions by including the aformentioned entries in their calculations (r. 2680605).
  • Calling getdirentries() (or using 'ls') in a system with an xnu-133 kernel sometimes returned duplicate entries possessing the same node number on HFS file systems. This was caused because the catalog position iterator was given an offset that was defined as the size of two hfsdotentry structs. It was fixed by changing the offset to zero and supplying variables that point to the VCB and FCB structures (r. 2682032).
  • With JIS the keyboard device driver doesn't correctly identify the keyboard as ID 207, instead uses ID 202 (ANSI). Fixed in SU2 (r. 2666480).

Login Window

  • Login Window is an application that runs as a part of the boot process allowing users to sign in, and protecting the system software from unwarranted access.
  • Login window would fail if the AFP user home directory was specified as one level down in the home directory (r. 2660640).
  • Login window changed to display the appropriate About Box and Login Panel for Mac OS X Server depending upon the existence of the /System/Library/CoreServices/ServerVersion.plist file (r. 2669206).
  • When login window mounts an AFP share point for a users home directory, it will now specify the kCreateNewSession flag in the options parameter to mountURLPtr. Otherwise, the AppleShare client will re-use an existing session to mount the requested sharepoint. This resulted in incorrect access privileges in the home directory (r. 2665928).

Network Services Location

  • Directory Agents services refresh check-up on idle was incorrectly set to happen every 3 minutes instead of every 3 hours as originally intended. Changing the units fixed that problem (r. 2681863).


  • The ntpd (Network Time Protocol Daemon) is a background task that synchronizes the system clock with known time services on the Internet.
  • The ntpd (Network Time Protocol Daemon) has been updated (r. 2675401). For more information refer to the Apple Product Security web site.


  • Prebinding could use up about 100mb of disk space during execution that would not be recovered until the system was restarted. This problem has been corrected so that the disk space is recovered when prebinding is complete (r. 2675783).
  • Assorted problems that could crash prebinding during execution have been corrected (rr. 2670541, 2648491, 2680789, 2686472).

Smart Card Support

  • Update 10.0.2 adds support for the PC/SC standard in Mac OS X (r. 2682593).

Video Drivers

  • A problem preventing the use of an External Monitor with some iBook models was corrected (r. 2658780).
  • Problems in the ATI driver causing longer wake from sleep times on some iBook models have been corrected (r. 2670612).



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