• Veröffentlicht am: 15.04.2001
  • Build-Number: 4L13

Was wurde aktualisiert (Diese Liste stammt von hier und soll auf dieser Seite für die Zukunft gesichert werden.)


  • A problem where login by way of telnet for remote users could not be enabled in the sharing control panel has been corrected (r. 2642204).
  • A problem where the loginwindow application would crash after disconnecting a secondary display and rebooting has been corrected. This problem would only happen after a monitor was unplugged and if the Screen Saver "hot corners" had been set while more than one monitor was connected (r. 2651694)
  • As of 10.0.1, the 'allow remote login' check box only enables SSH and no longer enables telnet, rlogin, or rsh (r. 2659900, 2680762).
  • A problem where the Finder would not allow documents associated with classic applications to be opened by double clicking them while their application was running has been corrected (r. 2654742).
  • A kernel panic that could occur when inserting CD into an external SCSI CD/DVD drive has been fixed (r. 2593160).

Apple Filing Protocol Client

  • A problem where typing return would dismiss the volume selection dialog when the OK button was unavailable has been corrected (r. 2613419).
  • A problem where the Finder could hang when copying a large group of files from an AFP server has been corrected (r. 2652633).


  • A problem where clicking the font popup menu in the font panel could cause a crash when Japanese was selected as the primary language has been corrected (r. 2651412).
  • A problem where calling DrawThemeMenu to draw a menu item containing characters from the '.Keyboard' font could cause a crash has been corrected (r. 2651752).


  • A problem where the mouse cursor could disappear sometimes while Classic was running has been corrected (r. 2650643).


  • An error that could cause a kernel panic when unplugging FireWire hub with many FireWire hard drives attached has been fixed (r. 2652891).
  • A deadlock that could occur when calling getattrlist has been corrected (r. 2650684).
  • A problem where some dual processor models would power down instead of going to sleep after being idle for the sleep idle timeout period has been corrected (r. 2653840).

USB 1.8.1

  • A problem where HFS partitions could not be mounted on a third party zip cd burner has been corrected (r. 2571027).
  • Kernel Panics that could occur when hot-plugging or hot-unplugging some third party USB devices have been corrected (rr. 2644892, 2653197, 2651246, 2650700, 2650292, 2653740, 2652598).
  • A problem where some third party digital cameras could not be mounted has been corrected (r. 2644893).
  • A problem where ReadPipeAsync 0x2000 from bulk in pipe was reporting an incorrect value for the number of bytes actually read has been corrected (r. 2647715).
  • USB has been updated for compatibility with additional third party USB modems (r. 2649923).
  • A class definition for IOUSBUserClientInit has been added to the IOUSBUserClient.h header (r. 2659374).
  • Calls to DeviceRequest that did not request any returned data from the device were not working correctly. Now they do (r. 2661216).
  • Problems causing the failure of the majority of both calls to ControlRequestAsync and calls to ControlRequest with a buffer size larger than 4K have been corrected (r. 2664354).
  • A problem where a kernel panic could occur when some third party USB serial adaptors were in use has been fixed (r. 2657301).



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