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File Systems

Apple Filing Protocol Client

  • The Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) Client provides file sharing services for computers networked with AFP file servers.
  • A problem where client machines would lose server connections when sleeping has been corrected (r. 2783428).


  • FSGetCatalogInfoBulk was returning an inconsistent lock bit setting in nodeFlags for directories. This problem has been corrected (r. 2778014).


  • HTTP supports several authentication schemes with the primary schemes being the Basic Access and the Digest Access authentication schemes (RFC 2617). The WebDAV specification allows the Basic Access authentication scheme to be used under certain conditions, but requires support for the Digest Access authentication scheme (RFC 2518, section 17.1).
  • Support for the Digest Access authentication scheme was added to the WebDAV file system in Mac OS 10.1.1. These changes also added support for handling multiple authentication challenges in each WWW-Authenticate or Proxy-Authenticate header field and for handling authentication challenges in multiple WWW-Authenticate or Proxy-Authenticate header fields (previously, only a single WWW-Authenticate header field was handled and then, only if it contained a single challenge for the Basic Access authentication scheme). (rr. 2787793, 2491919).



  • USB driver interface objects are now preserved for drivers calling the USB Device Reset function so the driver making the reset call is not unloaded (r. 2788013).
  • A problem where an infinite loop could occur in UIMCreateIsochTransfer during ISOC transfers with a frame-list where 8 or fewer frames try to transfer a buffer which crosses more than one page boundary has been corrected (r. 2704158).
  • Problem where IOUSBRootHubDevice::DeviceRequest() call was not setting the wLenDone field of the request when called from a high level application attempting to perform a DeviceRequest call to the RootHub has been corrected (r. 2771050).
  • A problem that could corrupt kernel memory where IOUSBFamily/Classes/IOUSBController_Pipes.cpp was ignoring errors returned by IOMemoryDescriptor::prepare() has been corrected (r. 2757541).


  • HotSpot, the Java virtual Machine used in Mac OS X.
  • A problem where the java.lang.String.equals() method could return incorrect results has been corrected (r. 2780870).


  • A problem where TCP/UDP packets in oversized Ethernet frames were being dropped has been corrected (r. 2786380).
  • A problem with DHCP that could affect cable modem connections was corrected (r. 2787084).


  • PPPoE MTU was not being set correctly. Now, if the ISP requests a lower MTU during the PPP negotiation, then that value is used, otherwise the value 1492 is used (r. 2790938).

URL Access

  • A problem where URLAccess was incorrectly reporting all 30x response codes as 404 errors has been corrected (r. 2773459).
  • A problem where URLAccess would not operate correctly with 'file://' URLs containing spaces has been corrected (r. 2782588).
  • A problem where attempting to upload a folder by way of FTP using URLUpload would result in a -43 error has been corrected (r. 2784661).

Toolbox APIs

Appearance Manager

  • A problem where GetBestControlRect would return incorrect dimensions for a check box or a radio button after the title was changed has been corrected (r. 2771295).

Event Manager

  • The event loop is no longer called inside of CheckEventQueueForUserCancel so calling this routine will no longer interfere with the processing of drag and drop commands (r. 2773908).

Font Manager

  • There was a problem in handling duplicate font ID's which would cause a crash, this has been fixed (r. 2762357).
  • A problem where the routine FMGetFontContainer could return a reference to the wrong container for the bitmap font Hiroshige has been corrected (r. 2774022).

Menu Manager

  • Menu title truncation has been improved by adding variable menu title condensing. With this change, the menu bar can accommodate more menu titles on smaller screens (r. 2773147).

Multilingual Text Editor

  • When attaching an MLTE object to a new window, using TXNAttachObjectToWindow API, MLTE now removes the old MLTE Carbon event handlers from the old window and before installing install them into the new window (r. 2769283).


  • A new API was added to provide EPD capability in the PDF Print path to allow EPS pictures to print correctly to PostScript printers (r. 2746526).
  • Improved compatibility with various USB PostScript printers. To take advantage of these compatibility enhancements, USB PostScript printers must support TCBP (r. 2766407).
  • A problem preventing saving PDF fills with names containing percent (%) characters has been corrected (r. 2750060).
  • Improved system stability when hot-plugging or restarting with USB printers (r. 2792013).


  • A problem where ScrollRect could crash with a delta value of zero in the vertical scroll distance parameter has been corrected (r. 2793815).

Text Services Manager

  • A problem where Kotoeri input crashes applications using Bottom Input Windows has been corrected (r. 2773555).

Window Manager

  • Under some conditions, calls to ShowWindow could cause the user input focus to be set to some other window than the front-most window. This problem has been corrected (r. 2780280).
  • A problem where calling MoveWindow to move a window to the same location where the window was already located could cause the window to have a global port rectangle of { 0, 0, -1, -1 } has been corrected (r. 2669004).
  • A problem in TransitionWindow which caused the window to immediately snap to its new size when resizing vertically has been corrected. Now, the window resizes incrementally to its new size as expected (r. 2783317).



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