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Was wurde aktualisiert (Diese Liste stammt von hier und soll auf dieser Seite für die Zukunft gesichert werden.)


  • Remote scripting of the Mac OS X Finder now works as expected (r. 2775419).
  • AppleScript's Gestalt version number (gestaltAppleScriptVersion) was updated to 1.8.1 (r. 2823438).
  • Cases where Coercing Unicode to plain text would fail with error code -8783 have been corrected (r. 2816500).
  • A problem where the 'path to application <the-app>' Standard Addition Command was always returning the path to the Script Editor where the script was running or script (if it was running as an application) has been corrected. Now path to application 'path to application <the-app>' returns a path to <the-app> as expected (r. 2747285).
  • Scripting additions now have their termination functions called when the hosting process terminates (r. 2811696).
  • The new 'do shell script' Standard Addition Command was added to allow scripts to run UNIX shell scripts (r. 2803575).
  • AppleScript now supports POSIX file name paths. This feature was introduced for interoperability with the 'do shell script' command (r. 2793997).
  • The parameterized form of the 'mount volume' Standard Addition Command now works as expected when used to mount AppleShare volumes over an AppleTalk network (r. 2656820). Previously, in Mac OS X, mount volume commands of the form 'mount volume "Mac OS X Disk" on server "My Computer"' did not work as expected; though, equivalent commands of the form 'mount volume "afp:/at/My Computer/Mac OS X Disk"' worked correctly.
  • The 'choose application' Standard Addition Command no longer fails with out of memory errors when called from scripts running in Classic (r. 2804619).


  • A problem in multi-channel USB Audio making some channels unusable has been corrected (r. 2763277).
  • AppleUSBAudio now makes more efficient use of system resources by deferring operations, such as opening pipes, until the resources are actually going to be used (r. 2765850).


  • USB MIDI Class driver no longer assumes that a device supports a specific MIDI interface. Now, the USB MIDI Class driver uses a new algorithm to identify supported MIDI interfaces provided by connected devices (r. 2763556).
  • The AppleMIDIUSBDriver was updated to recognize additional devices and the number of ports for USB MIDI devices (r. 2768476).
  • Performance improvements in the USB MIDI driver's processing of incoming packets have been added to help reduce the probability of packets being dropped (r. 2801401).
  • A problem where USB MIDI driver was not performing appropriate de-allocations for endpoints referencing deleted devices has been corrected. Applications attempting to re-use any of these endpoints for other purposes may have crashed while attempting to do so because of this problem (r. 2793467).

Classic Runtime

  • A number of problems that prevented copying and pasting the clipboard contents between applications running in the Classic Runtime and other applications has been corrected (rr. 2804626, 2808268, 2804632).
  • Corrected a problem where font style information placed on the clipboard by the Classic Runtime was not being copied over to Mac OS X applications correctly during cut and paste operations (r. 2813725).
  • Performance of the Scrap Manager with respect to copying information from applications running in the Classic Runtime to applications running in Mac OS X has been improved by deferring all data transfer operations until they are actually required (r. 2806734).
  • Applications running in the Classic Runtime can now extract the sending application's ProcessSerialNumber from an Apple event received from a Mac OS X application and use that ProcessSerialNumber to re-target events to the Mac OS X application at a later time (rr. 2804633, 2812563, 2812500).
  • Altivec registers were being trashed across calls to WaitNextEvent in the Classic Runtime. Now they are not (r. 2804623).

File Systems


  • Fixed an HFS vnode locking problem that would cause an application to hang inside of a file system call. The most common symptom of this would be a hang inside getattrlist when adding a Carbon application to the Login Items pane of the Login panel of System Preferences (r. 2805470).


  • A potential UFS file system corruption was corrected. Here, a race condition in the inode creation code could sometimes result in the creation of two different vnodes pointing to (and potentially modifying independently) the same on disk data structures (r. 2805397).



  • A problem in the FireWire family that prevented pseudo address spaces larger than about 40 KB from working has been corrected (r. 2795248).
  • Corrected a problem in the FireWire family that caused the pseudo address space write callback to be called twice for every write. Now it is only called once for every write (r. 2810404).
  • Added an AVC family to FireWire (IOFireWireAVC) to provide support for the FireWire AVC command set (r. 2780865).
  • A problem where the FireWire user client call SetRefCon would cause an exception has been corrected (r. 2795244).
  • FireWire now updates the backing store of a FireWire address space before calling its callback in response to receiving write packets in its address space (r. 2795239).


  • Image Capture was changed to recognize image folders with names other than DCIM folder (r. 2816485).
  • Image Capture can now download non-image files from cameras (r. 2793835).
  • Image Capture now supports events for PTP cameras (r. 2793843).
  • PCMCIA cards are now recognized by Image Capture (r. 2813402).
  • Indexed color profiles are now removed from the list of possible profiles to embed (r. 2823951).
  • Image Capture now recognizes cameras' internal memory storage and is able to see images in those cameras even if the removable storage slot is empty (r. 2823991).


  • A problem where applications subscribed to sleep notifications (via IORegisterForSystemPower) were not receiving the kIOMessageCanSystemSleep message has been corrected. Recipients of this message have the option of replying with IOAllowPowerChange or IOCancelPowerChange. The fix (in 10.1.2) restores the kIOMessageCanSystemSleep message so that interested clients receive it again and have the chance to allow or veto sleep (r. 2808446).
  • Fixed a bug where the F12 key event was being intercepted in order to eject CDs. Now the F12 key event is passed to applications, and the key must be held down for a half second in order to eject a CD. When using the Apple Pro Keyboard, the F12 key can no longer be used to eject CDs. This change allows applications to use F12 as a keyboard equivalent (rr. 2796151, 2765917).


  • Added IrDA support to original Titanium PowerBook G4 (r. 2773067).
  • Added IrDA support to PowerBook G3 (FireWire) (r. 2773070).

Mass Storage

  • In Darwin/DP4 large I/O operations could fail silently. The problem has to do with requests larger than the block storage device's maximum transfer constraints being exceeded. Such requests are now broken up into smaller I/O operations when the constraints are exceeded. If exact constraints cannot be determined for a device then a set of default constraints are assumed. The default constraints are set to 256 blocks and 128 kilobytes (192 kilobytes for CD/DVD devices) (r. 2497619).

PCCard Support

  • PC Card drivers can now change the voltage sent to a card (r. 2776059).

SCSI Storage Driver X

  • Peripheral device type 8 was added to the list of devices supported by the SCSI Storage Driver user client APIs to allow support for media changers in client software (r. 2770690).


  • A set of APIs for communicating with USB devices connected to your Macintosh.
  • A problem where the routine WritePipeAsync was trashing the stack when the parameters noDataTimeout and completionTimeout were provided has been corrected (r. 2807390).
  • Previously, the USB Mass Storage Bulk Only Transport SubClass only recognized the first LUN in a multi-LUN attached peripheral or device. To allow the USB Mass Storage Bulk Only Transport SubClass to recognize additional devices, the concept of a Logical Unit nub was added to the IOSCSIArchitectureModelFamily that provides methods for setting the logical unit number for the logical unit that it represents. With this addition, the IOUSBMassStorageClass will query devices that use the Bulk Only Transport mechanism for the maximum logical unit number (LUN) supported. How a device responds to this inquiry will determine how it is initialized used: if the device reports zero or the device utilizes the Command/Bulk/Interrupt or Command/Bulk transport mechanism, the device does a register service and allows IOKit to load a client; otherwise, if the device supports a LUN greater than zero, the driver will instantiate an IOSCSILogicalUnitNub for each and set the appropriate LUN. When commands are sent to the IOSCSILogicalUnitNub from its clients, it will modify the SCSITask object with the appropriate LUN (r. 2775626).


  • PF_NDRV is now available and works as expected. Previously, PF_NDRV sockets would not receive packets for the protocols they registered, and PF_NDRV packets bypassed all DLIL interface filters (r. 2808421).


  • Implemented a fix with DHCP so that after sleep, an internet connection would continue to function. Previously, a system set to use a DHCP connection would fail to connect to the internet after the system awoke from sleep (r. 2760975).
  • Implemented support for multiple IP addresses for an Ethernet network interface. Using the Network Preferences Advanced popup options, one can duplicate a network interface so as to assign multiple IP addresses to the interface (r. 2643289).


  • Fixed the built-in ethernet driver to correctly report the supported Ethernet speeds. In earlier versions of the driver, on a system without Gigabit support, the built-in Uni-North driver reported that Gigabit Ethernet support was present (r. 2559605).
  • Implemented an optimization to reduce mbuf locking during the transmit interrupt process for the GMAC Ethernet driver (r. 2767808).
  • Implemented support for hardware flow control at Gigabit speed in the Uni-North ethernet driver (r. 2737457).
  • Fixed a problem with the Uni-North Ethernet driver which could hang GDB on the target system during a remote-debugging session (r. 2740418).
  • Apple's GMAC Ethernet drivers have been updated to allow their transmit and receive buffer sizes to be specified by a property amongst the collection of properties known as the driver's personality. This allows the driver to be customized for different system configurations (for example, Mac OS X Client versus Mac OS X Server) (r. 2784142).


  • Fixed a problem in the Open Transport framework that caused it to attempt to deliver events to providers that no longer existed. This problem manifested itself in the form of spurious crashes surrounding calls to OTCancelSynchronousRequests and/or OTCloseProvider (r. 2647191).

Toolbox APIs

Carbon Core

  • Fixed a bug that would cause applications with large data forks to launch very slowly from a CD (r. 2790249).

Component Manager

  • Components are no longer loaded into setuid applications (a binary with the 's' bit set). As well, if the user ID of the setuid application does not match the current effective user id, then most components will not be accessible from that application (r. 2799651).

Control Manager

  • Fixed bugs in the Control Manager and Data Browser control that prevented the GetControlClickActivation routine from working properly in Data Browser controls (r. 2671320).
  • A problem in the Data Browser control that caused the list to redraw incorrectly if it was scrolled using the scroll bar arrows arrows while and editable text field inside of the control was open has been corrected (r. 2756673).
  • In multi-column Data Browser List views containing one column with editable text fields, it was possible to open a row's editable text field for editing by clicking on any column. This behavior was changed so that users must now click on the editable text to open the text for editing (r. 2621466).
  • A problem where SetDataBrowserPropertyFlags was not working correctly in some cases, because of internal cache synchronization problems, has been corrected (r. 2796284).
  • A problem where the Data Browser control could inappropriately claim mouse up events that did not belong to the control has been corrected (r. 2712249).
  • A problem where Contextual menus displayed for items in a list view were not displaying appropriate items has been corrected (r. 2711497).

Dialog Manager

  • A problem where AppendDialogItemList could fail due to a case where GetDialogItemAsControl returned without unlocking the 'DITL' handle (which prevented the 'DITL' handle from being resized) has been corrected (r. 2755379).

Event Manager

  • A problem where kEventMouseExited events containing obsolete MouseTrackingRef values (which could happen if a window was closed after the event was posted) are no longer reported. This problem could cause crashes in applications attempting to use the invalid reference (r. 2790170).
  • Clicking the "maximize" button on a utility window no longer activates the application the utility window belongs to (rr. 2769238, 2759658).
  • Activate/deactivate events were being sent twice through the carbon event manager in cases where they were not being claimed by any handlers. This problem has been corrected (r. 2629084).

File Manager

  • A spurious error where the Carbon File Manager was reporting that some items were locked when they really were not locked has been corrected (r. 2788172).
  • A problem, introduced in Mac OS X 10.1, where the Carbon File Manager's PBHGetVInfoSync routine would return zero in the ioVCrDate field was corrected (r. 2769925).

Menu Manager

  • A problem that prevented applications from attaching icons to the menu items in the application's Dock menu has been corrected (r. 2791091).

Navigation Services

  • Fixed a problem where the save dialog's file format pop-up menu would not allow the file name extension to be changed has been corrected (r. 2793547).
  • The save dialog now works as expected with 2-byte script systems (r. 2787537).


  • The getPSInfo PrGeneral is now implemented on Mac OS X (r. 2785515).
  • Printed image quality problems with drawing Pictures containing QuickDraw patterns using QDPictDrawToCGContext have been corrected (r. 2796060). Here, patterns were not being scaled correctly. The QDPictDrawToCGContext call now locks the pattern drawing coordinate system to the one in effect at the time when QDPictDrawToCGContext was called. This means that developers need to apply a scale of the Core Graphics coordinate system corresponding to their application drawing resolution and unscale the rectangle that they are drawing the picture into (r. 2796060).
  • The system now properly recognizes and properly rebinds binds printer queues when a queue's printer module is changed (r. 2807524).
  • A problem preventing PPD feature queries from working has been corrected (r. 2785507).
  • Simplified the Print User Interface as requested by some developers (r. 2775682).

Scrap Manager

  • The 8 second timeout system default for ScrapPromiseKeeperProcs and DragSendDataProcs has been changed. The default length is now 60 seconds, but this time can be reduced or extended via the CorePasteboardPromiseTimeout preference should extraordinary circumstances arise. This fix will change current behavior only in the cases where an app takes longer than 8 seconds to fulfill a promise or crashes during the fulfillment. In either case, the timeout is simply extended to 60 seconds instead of 8. This change affects both Scrap and Drag promises (r. 2778138).

Speech Recognition

  • Acronyms containing an 'R' were being ignored, decreasing recognition accuracy. To compensate for this deficiency, the phoeneme _AR was introduced in the model/mapping. Now recognition accuracy is as expected for Acronyms (r. 2786064).
  • A problem where loading language objects with multiply referenced components could corrupt memory has been corrected (r. 2771847).

Text Encoding Converter

  • The Text Encoding Converter now supports conversion of data between Unicode and the full range of characters defined in Chinese standard GB 18030. This enables full compliance with GB 18030 at the character conversion level (r. 2796745).

Window Manager

  • In OS X, version 10.1, the sheet code was changed to use a new SheetAlignRgn window region selector to determine where a sheet should be positioned. This broke sheet positioning in windows with custom WDEFs that didn't implement that window region code. To fix this, the Window Manager falls back to the content region if the sheet alignment region isn't provided by the WDEF (r. 2790211).



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